Cooperation with Adresta

Cooperation with Adresta

The Adresta application is designed specifically for owners to access every relevant information in one place. The complete history from the first sale to services, repairs, inheritances and transactions of the watch are recorded and available to the current owner. The privacy is, and will always be our number one security measure, and you decide if you want to share your information.

Within the Adresta Ecosystem you find various services such as special offers, insurance and exclusive news.

Secure the data of your watch and benefit from the offer now with the web application, the iOS or Android app.

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Manage your collection:
Keep track of your owned watches, your waiting list and wish list.

Document your collectible at ease:
Upload information, images and documents to securely store your collectible.

The watch world in your pockets
Stay informed about what’s going on in the world of watches, all in one place. Profit from the latest offers and direct communication with the brands.

Is my collectible authentic?
Use the Adresta service and get access to your expert at choice to get your certificate of authenticity. Use it for personal interest, before a resale to increase value or for inheritance.

Circular Economy:
Transfer the ownership, manage the inheritance, sell or recycle your collectible. All possible from one digital ecosystem with Adresta.

Insure your watch in less than 90 seconds:
All risk and worldwide coverage, not a single paper is printed out and you can pay by credit card. On top of that, we offer unbeatable premiums.

Lost & Stolen Function:
Report a watch as stolen or lost with a few clicks. We will directly inform the police, your insurance company and the brand. If the watch gets uploaded in to our system again, you will get an alert.

What’s my collectible worth?
Use the Adresta Valuation service and get an estimate the value of your object. Get a digital certificate anchored in the blockchain by our experts. Increase the value before a resale or get an expert estimate for insurance or inheritance.

About Adresta
Adresta is a technology startup based in Zurich. As an official ETH spinoff, Adresta is a work directly from the Swiss innovation forge. In close cooperation with manufacturers, retailers and watch owners, we are developing a web application that strengthens the watch market. Adresta shapes the customer experience and enables all participants in the watch market to use technological developments to their advantage: for owners, buyers, sellers, retailers, and manufacturers.

For more information, please contact:

Adresta AG
Nicolas Borgeaud
[email protected]
+41 79 211 67 62

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Natürlich gegerbte Uhrenbänder

Das Umweltbewusstsein der Menschen hat sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten deutlich verändert. Darunter ist auch der Wunsch nach umweltschonenden Verfahren und Materialien gestiegen. Um diesen Bedürfnissen gerecht zu werden, wurde auch die Herstellung von Uhrenbändern angepasst. Neuerdings werden bei der Gerbung des Leders von Uhrenbändern auf tierische Produkte verzichtet und somit ausschliesslich pflanzliche Stoffe verwendet.

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